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The Need

For many people in the developing countries of the world, daily life is a constant struggle for survival. Extreme poverty makes it necessary for children to begin working at a very young age and precludes the opportunity for education. Inadequate housing, poor nutrition, and the lack of safe drinking water make disease a constant threat. The people of these countries are often blessed with close families and live with an amazing sense of peace and gratitude in spite of the fact that they live in squalor with little or no access to basic provisions like medical and dental care.

Outreach for World Hope recognizes the need and operates under the philosophy that we are all brothers and sisters and that those who have been blessed have the responsibility to share with those in need. OWH has been working in the poorest regions of Ecuador, Nicaragua and Guatemala funding projects that provide long-term benefits in terms of quality of life for the poor. Outreach for World Hope hosts volunteer short-term mission teams who take part in work projects to improve lives while encouraging others by sharing brotherly love.

Outreach for World Hope is currently focusing on Eastern Guatemala where drought and famine are causing alarmingly high child mortality rates due to starvation. The following children are some of the most recent to be enrolled in the OWH Child Sponsorship Program.

The above children were severely starved and near death when found.  Doctors estimated their chances of survival at roughly 10%. All survived and are currently healthy and receiving monthly food and vitamin supplies through the OWH child sponsorship program.

Mauricia (left) was 8 years old, had stunted growth, hair loss, skin discoloration and swelling in her face, ankles and feet due to severe malnutrition.  Please visit the Before & After section of this website to see her amazing progress.

Outreach for World Hope is seeking partners to help finance the activities that alleviate suffering and provide long term solutions to the underlying causes of poverty and starvation. If you or your company or church has the dream or vision of truly making a difference in the world for the benefit of others, we invite you to contact us to request a DVD and to learn more about the possibility of joining one of our teams to experience the joy of helping others first hand. Please click on our website links to learn more about our specific projects.

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