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Tears Water the Seeds of Hope is the inspiring true story of Kim and Randy Tews, a Midwest husband and wife that become disenchanted with the relentless pursuit of the “American Dream” and embark on a journey that spans six countries and redefines their hearts and lives. The story begins in a small town in America’s heartland and weaves its way through South and Central America as the couple gathers an army of supporters, and eventually establishes a 501(c) 3 organization to save the lives of children in the end stages of starvation in eastern Guatemala. The narrative is filled with action-packed adventure and heart-warming victories as the characters face incredible odds and seemingly hopeless situations, while hundreds of volunteers join mission teams to offer help and hope through the programs of the ministry. Readers of all ages will enjoy the roller coaster ride of emotions—from laughter, to tears, to sheer joy—as they realize that it is possible for ordinary people to make a difference, one life at a time.

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Other Resources

This highly informative travel guide was written by a recent Peace Corps volunteer. It contains lots of information from the perspective of a traveler who spent three years in-country, living on a small stipend and dwelling among the people of this beautiful country.


Those considering a trip of any length might benefit from the information presented about the history, geography and culture of Guatemala.


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