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Before and After Photos

Nelson Ramirez was found in a state of severe starvation by OWH volunteer Trisha Timmerman. He underwent nutritional rehabilitation and received food and vitamins from the Outreach for World Hope Child Sponsorship Program each month. These photos show his improvement over the course of just 5 months.

Elias was found severely starved. The first two pictures show Elias in the care of his 10 year old sister as his mother was bedridden due to an illness for which she could not afford medical care.  Elias could not sit or stand unassisted when found. The last photo shows Elias after six months in the OWH child sponsorship program.

Helena Garcia was found severely malnourished. Her height and weight were extremely low for her age and she had skin problems, thinning hair, a swollen face and a distended belly caused by severe prolonged protein deficiency. After 5 months in the OWH Child Sponsorship Program, she is happy and healthy and has no symptoms of malnutrition.

Santa Alicia was found severely starved. She was angry, withdrawn and rejected all human contact. Santa Alicia was immediately enrolled in the OWH child sponsorship program even though she had no sponsor. After receiving a sponsor from McFarland, Wisconsin, Santa Alicia and her family are receiving clothing, shoes, social services and monthly supplies of food and vitamins, as well as hope for a brighter future. Santa Alicia is now within normal height and weight expectations for her age.

Otmar was found severely malnourished and near death by OWH volunteers. He had been neglected by his mother. At four years old, he weighed only 16 pounds and could not walk or talk due to the physiological and neurological effects of his severe prolonged malnutrition.  Outreach for World Hope social workers removed Otmar from his home, placed him in 30 days of inpatient nutritional rehabilitation and began court proceedings to remove him from his family. He is now in an orphanage for abandoned and neglected children and is being cared for and loved. He is gaining weight in spite of his battles with tuberculosis, dengue fever and double pneumonia. He is now healthy and happy and is learning to walk and talk.

Mauricia, when found, was in the end stages of starvation. Her hair was falling out, her skin was discolored and peeling off, her face and feet were swollen, and she was extremely small for her eight years of age. She was accepted into the Outreach for World Hope Child Sponsorship Program even though she had no sponsor, so that her life could be saved. The photo on the right shows her improvement after just four months in the program. She now has a sponsor from Highland Park, Illinois and will continue to improve.  She will receive an education which will give her hope for a brighter future.

Miguel was found in a state of severe malnutrition and was enrolled without a sponsor so that his life could be saved. His challenges are numerous as his mother died two years ago and, during his hospital stay for nutritional rehabilitation, he was found to be HIV positive. His father and siblings were subsequently tested and his father was also found to be HIV positive. OWH social workers are providing weekly transportation to Guatemala City where the two are receiving antiretroviral medications which will prolong their lives. Miguel, after only one and a half months in the OWH sponsorship program, is gaining weight and able to walk on his own. His siblings are also receiving food, vitamins, and medical care from the ministry and will be cared for in the event that the father is no longer able to care for them.

Odilia was found at the Centro de Salud (Health Center) with severe symptoms of malnutrition.  At 5 years old she was not able to stand on her own. She was immediately put into our "Lifeboat" program where Odilia and her family started receiving food, clothing & medical treatment while waiting for a sponsor. Here she is after only 4 months in our program!  She now has a sponsor from Oregon, Wisconsin.

Rita was found in end stage starvation and placed in a public hospital intensive care unit. Her parents, having underestimated the severity of her condition, removed her from the hospital against doctor's orders and took her home. An OWH team searched a mountainside for three days before finding her at home and convincing her family that her condition was life threatening. OWH placed Rita in a private hospital where she completed 30 days of nutritional rehabilitation. She was then transferred to an inpatient nutrition center where she stayed for another 60 days. Her parents will be educated as to the nutritional needs of their children and the family will receive a steady supply of food, vitamins, social services and medical care from the OWH sponsorship program.

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