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The value of education as a pathway out of poverty cannot be understated. Illiteracy as a result of low school enrollment and high drop out rates limits employment opportunities and hinders survival skills of the indigenous population.  Furthermore, the small rural schools that exist are dilapidated and underequipped and large families cannot afford the school uniforms, shoes and school supplies required for attendance. These factors perpetuate the cycle of poverty in the region.

Since its beginning in 2005, OWH has made important strides in improving availability and quality of education. OWH has provided scholarships, uniforms, shoes, and school supplies for students unable to afford education.  OWH has cooperated with local mayors to help open several computer labs by providing computers with which students are learning marketable skills. OWH volunteer teams have transported thousands of pounds of school supplies for distribution in rural schools, and hundreds of desks have been purchased and distributed to replace rickety makeshift tables made of planks and bricks. OWH will continue to support and expand on projects aimed at making education accessible and effective in the years to come.

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