Dear OWH Family,


I hope this letter finds you well and filled with hope and peace. As the Covid-19 situation improves in the US, other countries of the world are still struggling to contain the disease, including Guatemala. While team mission trips are still on hold based on CDC guidelines, our staff continues to provide help and hope through our programs and through unexpected opportunities to share God’s love.


As a beacon of hope in an area of desperate poverty, we are often approached with needs that fall outside of the main focus of our ministry, which is child health and nutrition. We were recently approached by the family of a 48-year-old man, named Don Jose, who had been in extreme pain for 2 years due to a hernia on his spine for which he could not afford the needed surgery. He had been given strong pain medications which had lost effectiveness in spite of large doses. The man was the main breadwinner for the family but could no longer work. 


We had the funding to cover the $6000 surgery, thanks to our generous “where most needed” donors. But we wondered if this need fell within the intentions of our donors. A ministry friend ended up covering the surgery and the operation was done on April 28th.  Don Jose’s pain is diminishing daily. He would likely have become a quadriplegic without intervention.


This situation caused us to wonder if our supporters would be interested in having the option to help in situations such as these by choosing “Angel Fund” as an option on our donation coupons whereby we would hold a reserve of funding for opportunities such as these. Each case would be carefully evaluated based on age of patient, cost of intervention, prognosis without intervention vs. prognosis with intervention, dependents affected by the disability in terms of loss of income, and evaluation by medically trained members of our leadership team. We will use the response to this mailing as a measure of our supporters’ interest in blessing lives in this way.


As always, we are grateful that you are partnering in the work of OWH. Please enjoy the enclosed brochure highlighting the impactful projects your generosity has made possible.


Peace and Blessings,


Kim and Randy Tews